Jesus said to Pilate, “I came into the world for this: to bear witness to the truth; and all who are on the side of truth listen to my voice.” (John 18:37, JB)

Without truth, it is impossible to live a life as a disciple of Jesus, and to become more like Him. As St. Paul says, “If we live by the truth and in love, we shall grow in all ways into Christ, who is the head.” (Eph 4:15, JB)

Truth without love is harshness, ritualism or scrupulosity. But love without truth ends up in self-indulgence and false freedom. We need both truth and love to become who God calls us to become.

This blog is my contribution to the topics which pertain to truth and love, with particular focus on three main areas: (1) discipleship, (2) apologetics, and (3) law and morality. Apart from drawing from the Bible and the teachings of the Church, I will also be touching on and drawing upon reason, which can be assessed by all humans regardless of whether they are believers. As St. Paul exhorts us, “… [A]lways have your answer ready for people who ask you for the reason for the hope that you all have.” (1 Pet 3:15, JB)

In an increasingly secular and relativistic world, which has also adversely affected many Christians, we need to increase our knowledge of the truth, to mature in our love, and to be able to effectively employ reason to engage with, persuade, or hopefully convince, everyone and anyone who asks us why, in whom, and exactly what, we believe.

Where truth, love and reason meet, we will be on the side of truth, and listen to the voice of Jesus, and follow Him wherever He leads us.

About the Author

Dominic Chan is a Catholic living in Singapore. He has a law degree and has practiced as a litigation lawyer for more than 13 years. In 2015, he obtained a Masters in Theology (graduating summa cum laude) from the Augustine Institute by way of distance education. You may contact him at onthesideoftruth2019@gmail.com